Glen Nevis

Glen Nevis Falls

Not The West Highland Way

Day 9: Meanach – Glen Nevis / Fort William

Friday 1st June 2018

Distance: 12 miles [view on map]

Leaving Meanach, I first had to walk a number of miles over rough group with barely a path. Eventually a clear path appeared and I began to meet other walkers, and soon many more when I reached waterfalls of Glen Nevis. I bought an ice cream – then walked down the road to the campsite (a few miles further). Then more miles to Fort William and back for dinner and to pick up food from the supermarket.

This was the end of my journey, but I had two days before my return coach and train, so I spend two days in Glen Nevis and Fort William. I didn’t walk much, but did some reading and discovered that since my last visit to Fort William, a new vegan coffee shop (The Wildcat) has been established, which I recommend.

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